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Trade codes for untreated/unmodified natural and cultured pearls that require special care and Pearls Imitations or stimulants

The code (SC – Special Care) might just be utilized inside of the business; it should not to be utilized for the purchaser. The codes are expected to encourage the insertion of crucial data on labels joined to stock, on receipts as well as other business archives utilized inside of the exchange.

All natural and cultured pearls (5.48 and 5.118) might have uncommon care counsel that incorporates directions that they ought not be destroyed while conveying overwhelming work, ought to be avoided all solvents, ought not be wrapped in cotton fleece or dampness engrossing materials or subjected to high temperatures and ultrasonic cleaning and ought to be avoided acids amid the assembling process. This care guidance ought to be viewed as ordinary for natural and cultured pearls over the item go and a code is superfluous. Be that as it may, there are specific cases were a code would be valuable, cases of which are (likewise see Annex C)

Natural Abalone Pearl, (SC). – Often empty and in this manner delicate.

Natural Conch Pearl, (SC). – Color might blur or change if presented to long stretches of sunlight or short exposures to x-rays

Cultured Conch Pearl (SC) – Color might blur or change if presented to long stretches of sunlight or short exposures to x-rays

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4.10. Impersonations or stimulants

4.10.1. “Cultured pearl-like”, “semi-cultured-pearl”, “fake pearls „‟, “mother of pearl”, and so forth.

the terms ―cultured pearl-like‖, ―semi-cultured-pearl‖, ―faux pearls‖, ―mother of pearl‖ or whatever other comparable expression might not be utilized when alluding to impersonation (5.84) or reenacted pearls (5.162).

4.10.2. Business names

The name of an impersonation (5.84) or reenacted (5.162) pearl should not be like the name, or the sound of the name (neither totally, nor shortened, nor by method for an inference), of any natural or cultured pearl.

4.10.3. Geological zones

Try not to utilize the name of a geological zone connected with the creation, preparing or sending out of natural or cultured pearls regarding as well as alluding to impersonation pearls (5.84).

4.10.4. “Impersonation” or “recreated”

Impersonations (5.84) or simulants (5.162) of natural pearls and cultured pearls should, before the bringing of the deal to a close, require a verbal clarification that it is an impersonation or simulant of a natural or cultured pearl, and, in the case of a composed presentation might be instantly gone before by the word ‗imitation’ or ‗simulated’, with equivalent accentuation and unmistakable quality, with characters of the same size and shading as those of the name itself, e.g., mimicked pearl, impersonation pearl and so forth. Try not to truncate. On the off chance that an impersonation (5.84) or simulant (5.162) of a natural pearl or a cultured pearl can be bought without expressly seeing the item, (e.g., standard mail, inventories, online administrations, broadcast shopping programs, and so forth.) clarification should be made that it is an impersonation or simulant pearl in the presentation and/or portrayal of the item preceding the end of the deal.

NOTE: The setting of a mark by the word pearl, making reference to a commentary clarification of the way that the item is an impersonation, simulant of a pearl or cultured pearl does not conform to this statement.

4.10.5. Terms other than „imitation‟, „or „simulated‟

Try not to utilize a qualifying term other than ‗imitation’ or’, or ‗simulated’ to portray any item characterized in (5.84), (5.162) and (4.10).

4.10.6. Exchange Marks

At the point when Trade Marks, brands, or favor names are utilized to depict impersonations of pearls or cultured pearls the utilization might not cover the way that the item is an impersonation, e.g., Trade Marks should be utilized as a part of the accompanying arrangement: Majorica Imitation Pearl’, demonstrating that the article being referred to is an impersonation of a pearl whose trademark is “Majorica”.

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